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DUP accused of Columbia 3 propaganda stunt

5 September, 2005

Sinn Féin North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly has challenged the DUP to come clean over their role in the importation of arms through Ulster Resistance from South Africa and British Army double agent Brian Nelson that lead to the murder of 280 people and accused them of engaging in a cheap propaganda stunt in travelling to Columbia.

Mr Kelly said:

"This latest stunt is in stark contrast to the failure of unionist leaders to tackle the 100 plus attacks carried out by loyalists against the nationalist community over the last two and a half months. Rather than using the return of the Colombia 3 to distract people the DUP should deal with the very real crisis in the political process created by the failure of unionists to deal with unionist paramilitary violence.

"Jeffery Donaldson is travelling over 5000 miles yet he won't deal with loyalist violence on his doorstep.

"Instead of engaging in cheap propaganda stunts the DUP would more usefully come clean about their role in the importation of South African arms through Ulster Resistance and Brian Nelson that lead to the murder of over 280 nationalists." ENDS

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