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Senator Rose Conway-Walsh Challenges Chambers' ‘Naïve and Arrogant’ Comments

18 June, 2018 - by Rose Conway-Walsh

Mayo Senator Rose Conway-Walsh has described her Fianna Fáil constituency colleague’s comments regarding Sinn Féin as "naïve" and "arrogant."

Speaking after Deputy Chambers appeared on RTE’s The Week in Politics purporting that Sinn Féin were not "fit for Government" Senator Conway-Walsh said:

“Deputy Chambers comments exposes a serious lack of knowledge and understanding of very basic political facts and demonstrates a desperate attempt to react to the rise of Sinn Féin under new party president Mary Lou McDonald.

"Firstly, Deputy Chambers stated that Sinn Féin and Fine Gael formed a pact to elect a Senator each in the recent by-election. She should know that Fine Gael secured one seat in Anthony Lawlor and Unionist Farmer and business man, Ian Marshall is an independent Senator.

"Secondly, she said Sinn Féin collapsed the institutions in the North because of the Cash for Ash Scandal and ‘there is no talk of it now’. There is a major ongoing public inquiry into the Cash for Ash Scandal which is uncovering a a quagmire of alleged cronyism and corruption.

"This may sit well under a Fianna Fáil Government but proves that the late Martin McGuinness made the absolute correct decision to discontinue Sinn Féin’s involvement in the Institutions.

"Deputy Chambers must also have missed the fact that Sinn Féin supported a deal for reinstating the institutions in February which the DUP then failed to deliver on. It is ironic that her own party leader Micheal Martin called for the suspension of the Assembly in September 2015.

"Deputy Chambers purports to have an in-depth knowledge of the internal decision making processes of the party I belong to which bear no reality whatsoever to how we work on a daily basis. Her continuous robotic lines on Sinn Féin’s internal party proceedings are tiresome and outrightly ridiculous.

"Deputy Chambers then went on to make other comments about Sinn Féin and the economy which are a bit rich coming from Fianna Fáil. It was a Fianna Fáil Government who wreaked havoc on the economy costing Irish citizens well in excess of €67 billion.

"This saw the closure of hospital beds, enforcing a moratorium on recruitment of healthcare workers, shutting down family businesses and pushing people into homelessness.

"It is quite clear that the rise of Sinn Féin combined with the growing irrelevance of Fianna Fáil has spooked Deputy Chambers and her party leader. 

"Meanwhile, they continue to prop up a government whose policies determine that over 700,000 people wait for vital healthcare treatment and thousands of children will leave for school each morning this week from hotel bedrooms.

"Deputy Chambers only has to look around her own County, Mayo, to see the combined results of nearly one hundred years of Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael, raw sewerage flowing into the sea, whole communities without proper water supply, poor roads, no broadband and severe unemployment and emigration."

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