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Loyalists attack two on Springfield Road

7 September, 2005

Sinn Féin West Belfast councillor Tom Hartley has accused loyalists of increasing tensions in the area after two interface workers were viciously assaulted by a gang of 50 men who came down the Springfield Road from the West Circular Road area.

Cllr Hartley said:

"The trouble started when a loyalist gang of 50 or so men came down the Springfield Road from the West Circular area and viciously assaulted two interface workers at about 6pm. The two have now been taken to hospital. This all took place in full view of the PSNI who stood idly by and did nothing.

"This gang of loyalists also threatened to return later and 'burn out' residents living in Isadore Avenue.

"Loyalists are trying to ratchet up tensions in this area. The response of the Orange Order and Unionist politicians, particularly the DUP, to this violence and the threats of violence is a disgrace.

"Unionism, Loyalism and the Orange Order need to recognise that they cannot deal with this community unless they begin to show some respect. Some of these organisation also claim to oppose violence. It is time for them to back that up by ending this type of violence and the threats of violence." ENDS

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