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Milne welcomes ‘Feel Safe’ guise for older people

22 June, 2018 - by Ian Milne

Sinn Féin spokesperson for Older People Ian Milne has welcomed the relaunch of the 'Feel Safe' guide for older people concerned about their personal and family security.

Ian Milne commented: “The recent survey carried out by Age Sector Platform among those attending the local Pensioner Parliaments, clearly shows that fear of crime is a major concern. With over 900 attending, 42% said they had a higher fear of crime in the past two years. 

“The fear of crime and actual crime rates is an important distinction to make but it can be equally as devastating for a person who lives a life in fear.

"It is important for everyone to feel safe not only in their home but in their community and when they are out and about. The 'Feel Safe' guide provides a lot of helpful and realistic advice.

"I would encourage everyone to pick up a copy and to read it for themselves and for a family member as it is useful for all ages." ENDS/CRÍOCH

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