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Anderson hosts One Thing delegation in Brussels

26 June, 2018 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson is currently hosting a delegation of young people in the European Parliament as part of the One Thing campaign set up to give young people a platform to voice their concerns about Brexit.

Speaking from Brussels, Martina Anderson said:

"Earlier this year I launched the One Thing campaign which was designed to give young people the opportunity to use social media platforms to highlight how Brexit will impact on them.

"Young people from across the island were encouraged to take to social media and discuss the one thing that will most affect them as a result of Brexit.

"They responded with concerns about their education, European study programmes, freedom of movement, the rights of women, equality, workers' rights and many other issues.

"Young people who took part in the campaign from across the north and the border region are joining me in the European Parliament in Brussels where they will have the opportunity to raise their concerns with EU legislators.

"They will also present a report on the One Thing campaign to those conducting the Brexit negotiations on behalf oF the EU.

"This is all part of my pledge to ensure that the voices of the people of the north are heard and listened to in Europe."

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