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British Government Brexit policy “remains littered with longstanding contradictions.” – David Cullinane TD

27 June, 2018 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin Brexit spokesperson David Cullinane TD has said that the Brexit policy of the British Government “remains littered with longstanding contradictions”.

Teachta Cullinane said that the Irish Government must stand up for the rights of the people of the North by making good on the commitment that citizens in the North will never again be left behind.

Speaking in advance of the upcoming European Council meeting, Deputy Cullinane said;

“The British Government insists that the rights of people living in the North will not be eroded.

“Meanwhile Tory Brexiteers insist that the North leaves the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice, and perhaps worse, sets out a scenario of withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights and that court.

“As it stands, the British position would impose a hard border on our island. This is a fact. As it stands the British position would erect barriers to east-west trade. This is a fact. As it stands, British policy is to undermine and damage the Good Friday Agreement. That is a fact.

“The British Government have yet to put forward any realistic or workable proposals. Instead, the Brexit policy of the British Government remains littered with longstanding contradictions. Sinn Féin has highlighted these fundamental contradictions many times.

“On Friday, the EU Council statement will express ‘concern’ that no substantial progress has been achieved on a backstop solution for the North.

“The EU, while critical of Britain, is willing to turn a blind eye to the lack of progress on the backstop as long as Britain shows it still ‘respects’ the commitments given while not actually achieving them.

“Last December the government told the Irish people that it had a 'cast-iron guarantee' regarding the North - that in the event of a no-deal scenario there would be no hard border on the island of Ireland.

“This backstop arrangement was an insurance policy, one that would come into play only in the event of a hard Brexit.

“The Irish government need to make sure that we do not go into October with no resolution of the Irish issues – and if that needs a special EU summit in September to deal with the Irish issues then so be it.

"The Irish people need certainty, and it needs to be delivered now.”

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