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Mary Lou McDonald at Dublin Pride: "The North is next for Marriage Equality."

30 June, 2018 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Speaking at Dublin Pride today, Sinn Féin Leader Mary Lou McDonald TD emphasised her party’s determination to see Marriage Equality delivered in the North.

Teachta McDonald also called for the full implementation of the full implementation of the Children and Family Relationship Act and sent solidarity greeting to those campaigns fighting for equal access to healthcare for the LGBTQI+ Community.

The Sinn Féin Leader said;

"We stand in solidarity to those in the North who are still struggling to have their families recognised in the most basic of ways – marriage equality.

“The people here, the people of pride are an unstoppable force. Rights are for all. Equality is for all. Change is coming and make no mistake the North is next.

“‘We are family’ has other meanings too. The fight for recognition for LGBTQI families goes on. The Children and Family Relationships Act needs to be fully implemented now. Be fully confident that Sinn Féin stands with you in that struggle.

“Ireland is changing and you are driving that change but we all have a part to play.

"Together we delivered marriage equality. Together we delivered repeal of the 8thamendment. 

“Together we can drive change. North and South, East and West. We have more to do and further to travel.

“Healthcare campaigns such as the ‘This Is Me’ campaign fighting for accessible HRT and Act Up! Dublin fighting for accessible PrEP are furthering the cause of equal medical access to the community. I want to wish them the best for the year ahead.

“Ireland is changing. The old certainties are crumbling. Look around you a new Ireland is emerging.  This is your Ireland. And this is your time. An Ireland in which all our citizens enjoy equality, inclusion and the right to marry the person you love. The days of living in shadows are long over. Today, we stand proudly, openly and boldly in the sun and we say;

“We are family. We are not going away and we will  have full equality.”

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