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Ennis urges cross-party support for Ulster Gaels

4 July, 2018 - by Sinéad Ennis

Sinn Féin MLA Sinéad Ennis has today written to the other party leaders urging support for her ‘Fair Play for Ulster Gaels’ campaign.

The move follows The results of her recent Twitter Poll which gathered over 95% calling on the GAA Ulster Council to lobby on behalf of GAA fans in the north. 

The party’s Culture, Arts & Sports spokesperson said:

“Over a quarter of a million people attend GAA matches in the north over the season with countless more wanting to watch or listen to the GAA coverage whether on the TV, radio or online.

“Recently we have seen significant backlash against the BBC’s decision to slash the number of live GAA Championship games alongside the ongoing digital partition of Ireland when it comes coverage of important sporting events broadcast on RTÉ.

“The recent upsurge in ticket prices for GAA matches has out-priced families who wish to enjoy the sport, but also compounded the inequality that exists for GAA fans in the north.

“As part of Sinn Féin’s ongoing campaign, I recently launched the ‘Fair Play For Ulster Gaels’ Twitter poll to lobby the GAA Ulster Council to secure a fair deal for GAA Fans in the north. 

“The response to this poll was overwhelming with over 95% of those who took part agreeing that this should be the case. 

“Today, I have written to the other party leaders urging support in lobbying the Ulster Council along with the BBC, RTÉ and the GAA and bring a united voice to ensure that citizens in the north are not collateral damage for any viewing rights power-grab.” 

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