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‘Attackers have no plan, strategy or vision’ - McDonald

16 July, 2018 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Those behind attacks on the homes of Gerry Adams and Bobby Storey have no plan, strategy or vision for the future, Sinn Féin President Mary-Lou McDonald has said.

Speaking to reporters ahead of a rally in Belfast tonight, the Dublin Central TD said the demonstration would send solidarity “to Gerry Adams, Bobby Storey, their families and every family that has been subjected to intimidation and fear over the last number of days and weeks.”

Mary-Lou McDonald added: “Above all the rally will reiterate our commitment to the peace process and the fact that people in Belfast and beyond now want to move on and carve a new future for themselves and their families in a new Ireland.

“We are Irish republicans, we are about ending partition, we’re about building an Ireland that’s based on the values of equality, of freedom, of prosperity and of opportunity. Those values and that mission is shared by the communities that we represent.

“There is no appetite, no excuse and no purpose behind the violence that occurred. Attacks on republican leaders, attacks on neighbours and communities, wherever they happen, are attacks on society as a whole and society understands that.

“Michelle and I were in Derry on Friday, we spoke to the people in the Bogside - they made it very clear how angry they are at a very small element that has brought hardship and trouble and panic in some cases to elderly residents and I know here in Belfast there is widespread anger.

“There is zero tolerance for any element that would set out to cause harm or to cause disruption.

“Those intent on this disruption have no political plan, have no political strategy, have no vision for the future. People in Belfast and Derry and right across Ireland now are ambitious for ourselves and for our families and for a new Ireland.

“Nobody, no faction, no element is going to get in the way of those ambitions.”

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