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'We will prevail, we will overcome, we will not be denied' – McDonald

16 July, 2018 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Full text of Mary Lou McDonald’s speech at the solidarity rally with the families of Gerry Adams and Bobby Storey at the Andersonstown Barracks site on Monday 16 July 2018 

A chairde,

Tá muid anseo anocht chun seasamh gualainn le gualainn lenár gcairde agus lenár gcomrádaithe Gerry agus Bobby agus lena gclana.

Agus ba mhian liom bheith soiléir, is naimhde na síochána agus naimhde an phobail iad siúd atá taobh thar de na hionsaithe seo. 

We are here today to stand in solidarity and support of our two friends and comrades, Gerry Adams and Bobby Storey and their families.

Unlike the cowards who attacked their family homes, Gerry and Bobby are genuine Republicans and have stood firm against those who would attempt to drag us back to the failures of the past. 

And let me be absolutely clear here today, the people who launched these attacks are enemies of our community. 

They are enemies of peace. They are against their own people and against their own community. 

Recently posters appeared temporarily in this area saying ‘Gerry, we’re not going anywhere’. 

Well it is you who are not going anywhere.

Mar sin bhí na hionsaithe ar tithe Bobby Storey and Gerry Adams mícheart agus tá sé soiléir gur theip glan orthu siúd a rinne iad. 

So the attacks on the homes of Gerry Adams and Bobby Storey, were wrong and are a mark of failure. 

But it is also important to state that the attacks on the people of the Bogside, the Fountain, in Portadown and the Short Strand are also wrong and a measure of the failure of those behind them.

The sectarian attacks that we have seen in recent days were disgraceful. 

Those involved have no right to claim to be Irish republicans because, in their sectarianism and their anti-social activities they are the very opposite of republicanism.

The only war these people are waging is a war against their own people and against their own communities. 

Is abhár náire agus aifeáltais iad agus ba chóir dóibh stadadh anois.

They are a disgrace and they should stop.

Equality and a new Ireland are the core of what we are, who we are and what we are building.

Bhí Gerry agus Bobby chun tosaigh san obair sin.

Gerry and Bobby have been at the forefront of that.

We will continue to build alliances, positivity, equality and a better future for our young people. 

We will continue to build towards a new and united Ireland.

We were in Derry last week and had the privilege of standing with people from all walks of life in that city to demand an end to the violence.

We stood shoulder to shoulder because that is the best way – the only way – to confront this destructive agenda.

We do so again tonight and we will do so again in the future. 

Irish republicans are prepared to show leadership and to confront the critics and opponents of peace. 

The British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference will meet on the 25th of this month.

I would urge both governments to seize the opportunity it offers to inject some momentum and progress back into the process by dealing with the issues of equality and rights which are at the heart of the impasse.

And whatever about the response of the two governments to that, I give you this assurance.

SF will not be deterred from doing what we do and what needs to be done.

Leanfaimid linn ag obair chun na hinstitiúdí a bhunú arís ar bhonn chearta, ar bhonn chomhionannais agus ar bhonn measa do gach duine. 

We will continue working for the restoration of the institutions on the basis of equality, rights and respect for all.

We will continue building reconciliation on this island and opposing sectarianism and discrimination at every turn.

We will go on building the new Ireland and we will make it a reality.

We will not be dissuaded by failures of leadership from the Governments. We will not be denied by self-serving pacts between the Tories and the DUP. 

And we will not be distracted by attacks on our homes.

We are republicans. Yes, we may face challenges and attacks, but ultimately our success will be the unity of the people of this island.

We will prevail, we will overcome, we will not be denied.

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