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'DUP must clarify Paisley investigation' - McGuigan

25 July, 2018 - by Philip McGuigan

The DUP leadership should admit if they are investigating any further claims regarding Ian Paisley Junior’s conduct in office, Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has said.

The North Antrim MLA said: “The DUP leadership have said they are conducting an investigation into disgraced MP Ian Paisley.

“However, the facts of his relationship with the Sri Lankan regime have already been well established so what exactly are they investigating? 

“Does the DUP have additional information regarding wrongdoing in office? If so, that should be investigated by the proper authorities.

“The DUP leadership also need to clarify where they stand on the facts that are already known.

“Ian Paisley received lavish holidays from the Sri Lankan government. He then lobbied on behalf of that government in an attempt to prevent the UN investigating the human rights abuses, war crimes and mass murder carried out by that regime.

“They DUP leadership have yet to state their view on that.

“And given Ian Paisley’s stated intention to contest any by-election, they also need to confirm whether on not he will do so on a DUP platform.”

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