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Maskey welcomes the release of jailed West Belfast grandmother

27 July, 2018 - by Paul Maskey

Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey has welcomed the release of Anne Smith, the West Belfast grandmother who was jailed for non-payment of TV license fines.

Speaking after attending a solidarity rally at Belfast’s International Wall, the West Belfast MP said:

“I welcome the release of Anne Smith. I am glad that common sense has prevailed as she should never have been put in jail. 

“Since hearing the news of her arrest, we have worked with her family and have lobbied the NIO in an attempt to secure her release. 

“The family have been clearly stating that Anne has had serious health issues in recent times and that should have been taken into account before the decision to imprison her. 

“There is an onus on the relevant authorities to ensure that measures are put in place to ensure that, in exceptional circumstances, compassion prevails and this never happens again.”

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