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Not a question of if, but of when, there will be a unity referendum – Kenny

8 August, 2018 - by Martin Kenny TD

Speaking from his constituency today, Sinn Féin TD for Sligo, Leitrim, North Roscommon and South Donegal Martin Kenny said that part of the process of building a united Ireland is a dialogue with unionists and that the Dublin government has a role to play in that.

Deputy Kenny said:

“A referendum on a united Ireland is part of the provisions of the Good Friday Agreement and a referendum is needed to end partition. It is no longer a question of if a unity referendum will happen, but a question of when it will happen.

“So, political leaders must begin practical preparations for a new, inclusive Ireland beyond partition. Change is coming and it must be considered and managed with imagination and sensitivity, including a process of national reconciliation.

“As Britain departs the European Union, being part of a new and outward-looking united Ireland will be more attractive to more of the people of North, nationalist and unionist alike. There is no reason why British identity cannot be accommodated in a new Ireland.

“Basic rights are not up for discussion, however, and a united Ireland will be based on equality of opportunity regardless of colour, religion, gender and sexual orientation.

“The growing strength of Sinn Féin is evidence that change is on the way.  Recent referendums show that the younger generation wants change and is driving political and social change.

“More and more of our people realise that economic change is needed too to end injustice and inequality which causes suffering to working people in their daily lives. That change needs a new ideology and a change of government.

“Only a government of which Sinn Féin is a major part will address the challenges that face our people.

“Only Sinn Féin will bring fairness, equality and social justice to the heart of government.” 

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