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‘Paisley should apologise to the Tamils, not the DUP’ – McGuigan

14 August, 2018 - by Philip McGuigan

Rather than saying sorry to the DUP, suspended MP Ian Paisley should apologise to the Tamil people who were slaughtered by the Sri Lankan regime, Sinn Féin MLA Philip McGuigan has said.

The North Antrim MLA was speaking after DUP Councillor John Finlay organised a meeting last night at which Ian Paisley is said to have apologised to party colleagues and supporters.

“It isn’t the DUP who Ian Paisley should be apologising to, it is the Tamil people who were slaughtered by the Sri Lankan regime that he tried to defend,” Philp McGuigan commented.

“That is what is at the heart of this scandal. It isn’t the fact that he received lavish holidays from the Sri Lankan government. As wrong as that was, the real scandal is the fact that he lobbied to prevent the UN investigating the mass murder of Tamil civilians by that same government. That is what he should be apologising for and that is what he should be held to account for in the current Recall Petition.”

Philip McGuigan added that the presence of DUP figures at last night’s meeting raises more questions about Paisley’s status within the DUP.

“It has been reported that party officers were at this event so was it an officially sanctioned event in support of someone who is suspended from the DUP and under investigation by the DUP?

“The DUP leadership still refuse to answer these and many other questions around the status and conduct of Ian Paisley.

“The longer they do so, the more they disrespect the electorate in North Antrim.”

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