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Fianna Fáil up to their necks in hypocrisy on Westminster and oath of allegiance - Imelda Munster TD

22 August, 2018 - by Imelda Munster TD

Imelda Munster TD has today branded Fianna Fáil “hypocrites” for the party’s refusal to clarify if it intends to run candidates in Westminster elections, given that the party has made a commitment to stand in elections in the North. 

Deputy Munster was speaking in light of reports that Fianna Fáil and the SDLP are considering a merger.

Deputy Munster said:

“Thomas Byrne TD was speaking on LMFM this morning about Fianna Fáil’s plans to run in elections in the North, yet when asked about his party’s intentions to take seats in Westminster, Deputy Byrne dodged the question.

“Despite admitting that he complains that Sinn Féin representatives do not take their seats in Westminster, when pressed about Fianna Fáil’s willingness to take an oath of allegiance to the Queen of England, Deputy Byrne said ‘that is the last thing Fianna Fáil will do’.

“This is yet another example of the outright hypocrisy of Fianna Fáil. They should stop speaking with forked tongues and try to take a clear position on an issue for once.

“If Fianna Fáil intends to bring its brand of economic ruination and political populism to the North, the least its representatives could do is answer some fundamental questions about their electoral intentions.

“Deputy Byrne and his colleagues are very upset that Sinn Féin MPs don’t take their seats in Westminster, yet they refuse to respond to questions about their own party’s intentions in that regard. I am puzzled, given their obsession with Sinn Féin’s position, that they haven’t taken the time to come up with a position of their own.

“I would like Fianna Fáil to clarify whether they intend to take their seats in Westminster, if elected, and if they are happy to take an oath of allegiance to a foreign Queen.”


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