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British Direct Rule Minister stalls meeting with Sinn Féin

15 September, 2005

Sinn Féin Regional Development spokesperson, Foyle MLA Raymond McCartney has branded British Direct Rule DRD Minster Shaun Woodward last minute cancellation of a scheduled meeting as 'aloof, contemptible and totally dismissive'.

Mr McCartney said:

"This meeting had been organised for some considerable time now, stemming back to the beginning of the summer.

"The complete lack of focus to the Regional Development brief shows that Direct Rule is matched by the attempt to stifle the ability of locally elected representatives to advance and challenge the Department on key projects.

"The Department is failing to look at the potential of the all Ireland development of transport, rail and road infrastructure. They are deaf to many other key issues not least the proposed Water Charges. His decision to cancel the meeting at the drop of hat shows that we are dealing with in a fly by night Minister.

"Direct Rule is out of touch with the community here and increasingly oblivious to the priorities here. This type of behaviour is aloof, contemptible and totally dismissive.

"Sinn Féin representatives have, unlike the Minister, been elected by people who are affected by the decisions of Shaun Woodward. This is the cost of Direct Rule." ENDS

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