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Legal Advice Clear. DUP Call-In Devoid Of Merit

29 August, 2018 - by Catherine Seeley

Sinn Féin Councillor Catherine Nelson has said the DUP call-in over the rainbow flag was devoid of merit.

Councillor Nelson said:

“At this month’s meeting of the full council legal advice was given to members on the flying of the Rainbow flag.

“The legal advice demonstrates clearly that the call-in was devoid of merit, a time-wasting exercise by the DUP.

"Flying the Rainbow flag had the potential to hurt, damage and offend no one. 

“It was not contrary to current policies. “Flying it would have had no adverse impact on other communities.“The DUP’s sole intention in enacting this call-in was to block the flying of the Rainbow flag. “This offensive stunt owed everything to the DUP’s continued denial of rights to our LGBT community and symptomatic of its denial of language rights, marriage rights, women’s rights and the rights of victims of the conflict, rights enjoyed by citizens in council areas right across these islands.“In calling the motion in the DUP rolled us back from a progressive step. They denied our LGBTQ+ citizens a gesture of support and solidarity.

“We will be bringing forward a motion to ensure the Pride Flag flies proudly from our civic buildings next year.” 

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