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Close down flawed RHI scheme – Conor Murphy

30 August, 2018 - by Conor Murphy

Conor Murphy has called for the Renewable Heating Incentive scheme to be closed down.

Sinn Féin’s Economy Spokesperson was setting out the party’s response to the Department for the Economy’s consultation on the future of RHI. Temporary Regulations introduced by Minister Hamilton expire in March 2019. 

Conor Murphy said:

 “RHI is not a good scheme which went wrong. It is a bad scheme which was made even worse.

“We are now aware that a report commissioned before it was set up showed RHI was more expensive, less effective in promoting renewable heat, and higher risk than an alternative scheme. Despite this clear evidence Minister Foster opted for RHI.

“A bad scheme was made worse by serious design flaws. 

“Tariffs were more lucrative for smaller, less energy-efficient boilers.

“The wood pellets subsidised by RHI emit more carbon when burnt than fossil fuels.

“These flaws will remain if RHI is continued.

“Spending more public money on a scheme that is at best ineffective and at worse counterproductive to carbon reduction is unjustifiable. 

“RHI is comprehensively and irretrievably flawed. It should be closed down as soon as possible and we should invest in building our renewable energy capacity to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change.”

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