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Kearney welcomes Basque Parliament support for implementation of Good Friday Agreement

19 September, 2018 - by Declan Kearney

Sinn Féin National Chairperson, Declan Kearney MLA, has welcomed the unanimous support of the Basque Regional Parliament for a motion calling for the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement.

The motion, which supports the Agreement, the protection of rights and no hardening of the border as a result of Brexit, was carried unanimously in the Basque Parliament this week.

Mr Kearney said:

"I strongly welcome the passage of this motion which was brought to the Basque Regional Parliament by EH Bildu, with the support of PNV, and was passed with the unanimous support of all other parties.

"This initiative demonstrates in a practical way the support and solidarity for the delivery and protection of rights in the north of Ireland. It is highly significant that all political parties represented in the Basque parliament gave their support.

"This development brings added impetus to Sinn Féin's strategy of engagement with political parties across Europe to highlight the denial of rights in the north of Ireland, and the threat to the Good Friday Agreement, both as a result of Brexit and the failure of the British and Irish governments to adhere to their responsibilities as guarantors of that Agreement.

"This is a defining period in Irish history.

"We now have the potential to shape the future and to build a new, agreed united Ireland for the benefit of all our people.

"Now, more than ever, the support of the international community is needed to ensure that these unprecedented opportunities are seized and their potential is realised.

"Sinn Féin will continue to highlight all of these issues on a European and international stage, and encourage others to follow the example of the Basque parliament.”

Full text of EH Bildu motion:

September 16 2018. Basque  Parliament 

MOTION adopted by unanimity at the Commission of European Affairs and External Action, in relation to the guarantee of compliance of the Good Friday Agreement 


The Irish peace process has been an inspiration to countries across the world emerging from conflict.

This 20th of April we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement. 

The Good Friday Agreement of 1998 promised equality, and end to discrimination, and paved the way for the achievement of constitutional change through peaceful means.

Brexit poses a serious threat to the Good Friday Agreement and the further advancement of the Irish peace process.

These are the reasons why we present this motion.


  1. This House calls on the Irish and British Governments, as co guarantors of the Good Friday Agreement, to defend the vision of that Agreement; to ensure full implementation of the GFA as an internationally binding treaty in order to bring about the establishment of the political institutions on a sustainable and credible bases.

2.  We exhort the EU to guarantee its full compliance. 

3. The Basque Parliament supports the Declaration of the European Parliament where it is stated that "with a view to the North of Ireland, the United Kingdom must respect its commitment to ensure that there is no hardening of the border on the island of Ireland, either by means of detailed proposals they should present in the negotiations on the framework of future relations between the European Union and the United Kingdom, in the form of concrete solutions for the north of Ireland "as for example the establishment of a special status for the north in the framework of Ireland”, "or through regulatory adaptation continues under the aegis of the European Union”

4.- The Basque Parliament urges that in the negotiations on the exit of United Kingdom of the European Union take into account, beyond the conditions in economic matters and trade, the protection of rights of community members and extra-community with residence in British territory and the EU.

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