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Government and Fianna Fáil refuse to recognise Moore St Battlefield Site as a National Monument - Peadar Tóibín TD

20 September, 2018

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael today opposed the Sinn Féin Bill to recognise the Moore St Site as a National Monument.

According to An Teachta Peadar Tóibín who tabled the bill;

“The only reason that Fine Fáil and Fine Gael could oppose this bill is that they would accept commercial development on the site that is contrary to its status of a National Monument.

"This is particular galling as both parties stated support the Moore St Campaign’s objective of Moore St being a National Monument.

"They state that they support the objectives of the Ministerial Moore St Forum and it’s report. They wax lyrical about the men and women who sacrificed so much.

"They stated they opposed the High Court decision to recognise it as a National Monument solely due to potential planning ramifications for other sites elsewhere. However when the opportunity arises to vote according to their many words, they refuse.  

"For the last 20 years Moore St has been ground zero of a legal battle between Celtic Tiger developers and those who seek to create a fitting tribute to the men and women of 1916.

"The area has been left derelict and sterilise by years of inaction of successive governments. It is shocking that a site so close to the main street in our capital, where a small number of men and women who took on the might of the largest empire ever, is left derelict.

"That in over 100 years FF and FG government nothing has been done. The saddest thing is, it does not have to be like this. The Moore St area is ideally located to become the centre of the new vibrant historical, cultural and trading quarter. Moore St is a unique opportunity.

"Commercial interests could successfully operate side by side with strengthened and rejuvenated street traders.

"The relevant buildings and street-scapes could shed the grime of dereliction and be restored to their former character. And the story of the humanity of the Rising could be woven through all these aspects. But instead the political establishment say one thing and do another."

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