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Theresa May’s statement ‘offers nothing but tired rhetoric’ – McDonald

21 September, 2018 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

In response to a statement in respect of Brexit negotiations by the British Prime Minister Theresa May this afternoon, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald TD has said the Prime Minister’s comments amount to “nothing but tired rhetoric” and are an exercise in deflection.

Teachta McDonald said:

“Theresa May made a statement today which was billed as a major one in respect of Brexit negotiations. It was, regrettably, no more than an exercise in tired rhetoric.

“Rather than accepting that her so-called ‘Chequers Plan’ fails to resolve fundamental issues, Theresa May has engaged in deflection.  

“Her ‘Chequers Plan’ falls short of what was contained in the December ‘backstop’ agreement, which her government already accepted. She needs to accept that reality.

“Her focus has unfortunately remained on infighting within in her own party and her pact with the DUP, instead of coming to an acceptable negotiating position.

“More than eighteen months into talks and with time running out, she continues to show scant regard for Ireland, for our rights, for our economy and for our Agreements.

“Her comments in respect of the north are particularly disingenuous given her pact with the DUP at Westminster is an active block on a return to power-sharing - through which she denies citizens’ rights that are enjoyed everywhere else on these islands.

“The Irish government and the European Union must remain resolute in the face of British intransigence. They must remain true to their word that without an agreed, legally enforceable ‘backstop’ there will be no Withdrawal Agreement.” 

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