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David Davis comments demonstrate disregard for the Irish people - Hazzard

30 September, 2018 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard had said comments made by David Davis describing the border as an “exaggerated inconvenience” further demonstrates the complete disregard the Tory Brexiteers have for the people of the north. 

The South Down MP said:

“Today’s comments by David Davis further demonstrate the contempt and complete disregard that the right-wing Tory Brexiteers have for the people of Ireland north and south. 

“His description of the border being an “exaggerated inconvenience” show the real agenda of the Brexiteers to destroy the Good Friday Agreement regardless of the consequences for people here. 

“David Davis was a member of the British Tory government when it agreed to the backstop with the EU last December, and again in March this year. 

“The people of the north rejected Brexit and the Tory/DUP axis are working against the democratic wishes of the people here. 

“Ireland will not be collateral damage for the Tory civil war on the Brexit. The backstop must be protected for the north to secure special status within the EU.”

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