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Sinn Féin response to consultation on Unduly Lenient Sentences

2 October, 2018 - by Raymond McCartney

Speaking after Sinn Féin submitted the party response to the consultation on Unduly Lenient Sentences Raymond McCartney MLA said:

“Today we submitted our party’s response to the consultation on Unduly Lenient Sentences.

“The unduly lenient sentence scheme enables people to ask for someone’s sentence to be reviewed if they think it’s too low.

“The scheme remains an important avenue for victims, family members and the wider public to ensure that justice is delivered.

“Sinn Fein agree that paramilitary & organised crime linked offences should fall within the scope of the unduly lenient sentence scheme. This properly reflects the types of offending behaviour that were envisaged by the recommendation in the Fresh Start Panel Report.

“This means that anyone found guilty of these types of crime in the Crown Court could then see their sentence increased if it is found to be unduly lenient. 

“Adding these types of crime to the scheme should ensure justice for victims of crime and their families.”

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