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Theresa May speech brought us jingoism and wishful thinking but no solutions - Mary Lou McDonald TD

3 October, 2018 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Responding to the speech today by Theresa May to the Tory Party Conference, Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald said;

“All we heard today was an attempt by the Theresa May to rally her party behind her leadership.

“Here was a British Prime Minster making clear that she is a Unionist and Brexit supporter above all else. In doing this she sets aside her commitments to the Good Friday Agreement.

“Theresa May has brought nothing new to the Brexit debate, continues in her refusal to acknowledge the vote of the people of the north to remain, and ignores the damage Brexit will do to Ireland North and South.

“If she was concerned about the impact of Brexit on Pettigo, as she has claimed, then she would ensure that the North remains within the EU and avoid any hardening of the border.

“Instead what we got was jingoism and wishful thinking, neither of which will resolve Brexit nor safeguard our economy, our people and our agreements.

“It is also insulting to the LBGT+ community that she stressed inclusiveness while turning a blind eye to the continued denial of marriage equality in North by her partners in the DUP.

“Irish Government and the EU must ensure that Irish Interests are protected and that the British Government lives up to its obligations to protect the Good Friday Agreement in all its parts and to put in place a legally enforceable backstop.”


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