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Fianna Fáil Budget priorities will do nothing for ordinary people – Jonathan O’Brien TD

5 October, 2018 - by Jonathan O'Brien TD

Sinn Féin deputy spokesperson for Finance and Public Expenditure Jonathan O’Brien TD has said that the priorities outlined by Fianna Fáil today are not the priorities of the people.

Speaking this afternoon Deputy O’Brien said:

“As Fianna Fáil enter their third budget with Fine Gael, they will achieve nothing for those who are homeless, struggling with rip-off rents and locked out of the housing market.

“Today Fianna Fáil offered tax breaks to landlords without any meaningful investment in housebuilding.

“They have chosen the cheap populism of tax cuts instead of easing the cost of living for renters and families burdened with the extortionate cost of childcare.

“The cost of living crisis facing our people has taken place under the stewardship of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil, and it is set to continue.

“The responsibility of a party of opposition is to challenge the government and offer alternative solutions. Fianna Fáil support this government and have offered the same, failing policies to problems they have helped create.

“This week the real opposition put forward our policies to address the housing crisis; declaring a national emergency, doubling capital investment in social and affordable housing.

“Fianna Fáil cynically supported this motion only to betray its spirit today. They have not committed any substantial figure to capital investment, and will achieve nothing come Budget day on Tuesday.

“The best they can muster are tax breaks to developers. This is not acceptable.

“In our alternative budget we laid out our costed plans to double capital investment in public housing, provide one month’s rent relief for renters and halve the cost of childcare; real change through affordable measures.

“Today Fianna Fáil have offered more of the same. They have offered nothing.”

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