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Nationalists do not need the IMC to point out reality of Unionist violence

22 September, 2005

Commenting on the publication today by the IMC of a report into ongoing UVF/LVF feuding, Sinn Féin Assembly member for South Belfast Alex Maskey said that the nationalist population in the six counties do not need the IMC to tell them of the reality of unionist paramilitary violence on the ground. Mr Maskey also accused the IMC of ignoring the relationships between unionist paramilitaries and the main unionist political parties.

Mr Maskey said:

" The reality of the last number of months for nationalists in areas like North Antrim and interfaces in Belfast has been one of a sustained campaign of violence and intimidation from unionist paramilitaries and a tolerance of this by unionist politicians, the PSNI and the British state apparatus.

" It was inevitable that this latest round of internecine unionist paramilitary feuding would result in a sustained campaign against vulnerable nationalist targets, be they homes, businesses or churches. This unfortunately is what unfolded throughout the summer months.

" Nationalists living in the eye of this sectarian storm do not need the IMC to point out to them the reality of the past four months, they have been living through it.

" Predictably however the IMC has of course ignored the relationships between the various unionist paramilitary gangs and the UUP and DUP through the North and West Parades Forum and the Loyalist Commission and the well documented relationship between these gangs and the PSNI and British forces through the numerous British agents working within these organisations." ENDS

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