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Brexit will be disastrous for students - Nic Biorna

17 October, 2018

Sinn Féin Councillor Órla Nic Biorna said the Tory/DUP Brexit agenda will have a disastrous impact on students and young people in the north. 

The Belfast Councillor was speaking after attending a ‘Students Against Brexit’ rally at Queen’s University today. 

Órla Nic Biorna said:

“Today I joined other students outside Queen’s University who are also rightly concerned at the impact that the reckless Tory/DUP agenda will have on our rights as students and young people. 

“If successful, their Brexit agenda would exclude citizens in the north from EU study programmes such as Erasmus, as well as limiting our choices to study at universities across the EU. 

"Brexit will also have a knock-on impact on our universities here who could potentially lose important funding from EU partnerships. 

“Students have a history of progressive and radical campaigning against inequalities and Brexit is no different – a majority of young people here voted to remain within the EU and the British government and the EU must respect that vote. 

“In this critical time in the Brexit negotiations, we need to hear the voices of other students to protect the rights and opportunities of young people by demanding special status for the north.”

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