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‘Karen Bradley comments a subversion of democracy’ - Murphy

22 October, 2018 - by Conor Murphy

Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy has accused the British Secretary of State Karen Bradley of ‘subverting democracy’ by prioritising the interests of unionists.

The Sinn Féin negotiator was commenting after the Guardian newspaper reported Karen Bradley as defending Brexit on the basis that 60 percent of the North’s unionist community voted to leave the EU. The British Secretary of State is also quoted as stating that much of what the EU have put forward is ‘not acceptable’ to unionists and the British Government.

“This is not the first time Karen Bradley has caused controversy with her comments on voting intentions in the north but it is the first time she has made such a public admission of her government’s intention to prioritise unionism,” Conor Murphy said.

“In doing so, she is doing a disservice to everyone in this society by attempting to make Brexit a green and orange issue.

“Karen Bradley is supposed to be a co-equal guarantor of the peace process who is legally and duty-bound to act with impartiality yet here she is publicly stating that it is only the votes of unionists that matter.

“Never mind the fact that the majority across the North as a whole voted against Brexit. Never mind the fact that nationalists overwhelmingly opposed it, this British Government is quite prepared to subvert democracy in order to pursue its reckless agenda.

“Karen Bradley’s government is in a pact with the DUP and has acquiesced to that party’s refusal to share power on the basis of equality.

“And with these comments, the British secretary of State has clearly indicated that her government will continue to prioritise unionist votes over equality and the rights of citizens.”

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