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Francie Molloy raises British Home Office failings with British Minister

25 October, 2018 - by Francie Molloy

Francie Molloy MP was in Westminster to directly raise his concerns around the failure of the British Home Office to recognise citizen rights of people resident in the north of Ireland, as set out in the Good Friday Agreement, with the British Minister of State for Immigration, Caroline Nokes MP.


Speaking after the meeting the Mid Ulster MP said, 


“We raised with Ms Nokes and her team our concerns surrounding the apparent lack awareness within the British Home Office of what was actually agreed in the Good Friday Agreement. 


“Good Friday was clear - people born in the north have the right to be British, Irish, orboth. No nationality should have primacy or advantage over the other. 


“The suggestion that has come from the Home Office in the recent past that the British 1981 Nationality Act somehow takes priority over the Good Friday Agreement is blatantly ludicrous. 


“Identifying as Irish in the north should never become punitive. Yet the British Home Office has routinely failed to adhere to this principle when it comes to immigration procedures like residency for spouses who are third country citizens. 


“We are seeing ordinary people either being trailed through the courts because the failure of the British Home Office to understand the Good Friday Agreement. I expect an answer and clarification to these concerns."

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