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Small scale renewable energy has a big part to play in our energy future – Brian Stanley TD

28 November, 2018 - by Brian Stanley TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Climate Action Brian Stanley TD has welcomed the Sinn Féin Bill on microgeneration moving to committee stage in the Dáil last night.

The Laois TD said that he hopes now there is a government realisation of the need to broaden our sources of renewable energy across the state.

Brian Stanley TD said after the debate:

"We need to go from laggards to leaders when it comes to climate change and this is not for next year or the year after, this is a task for now.

“Allowing householders and small business develop small scale renewable energy and sell excess electricity back to the grid, wins on two fronts, it allows households reduce energy costs and also will add to the state’s overall supply of renewable energy.

 “The time for action on climate change is now, we are way behind in terms of emissions and slow in terms of the growth of renewable energy and because of this we will be facing substantial fines come 2020.

“Microgeneration is in itself not the sole solution to our energy needs but if we are to combat change it will need community involvement and means broadening our renewable energy portfolio.

“This bill should move quickly now and should not be held up by government.

“Their claim last night of a ‘money message’ or this being a cost on the exchequer - which is often a mechanism used by government to slow a bills progress - are unfounded.

“There is no cost to the State here, and this must not be used as a tool to block its progress. Microgeneration will form a vital part of our energy future and must be developed.”

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