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Martin Kenny TD calls for 'a firm hand' on car insurance costs

11 December, 2018 - by Martin Kenny TD

Speaking in the Dáil today, Sinn Féin TD for Sligo, Leitrim, North Roscommon and South Donegal asked the Taoiseach what the government would do to ensure that young people can get affordable car insurance.

Deputy Kenny said:

“Where I live in the North West, and in many parts of rural Ireland, when jobs become available, young people often have to drive because there is no other way of getting to work. 

“When they try to insure a car, they find themselves being quoted €8,000 or more.  I met one young person who was quoted €4,000 to get on their mother's car insurance as a named driver, which is ridiculous. 

“A programme was set up to examine this issue but we are back to the same position again. 

"Insurance companies are closing down opportunities for young people to get insured and get on with their lives. It is time to take a firm hand with this.  Something must be done to ensure that people can get insurance so that they can drive cars in rural Ireland.

I was disappointed today in the Dáil when the Taoiseach washed his hands of the matter and said that insurance is regulated by the Central Bank and not by government, claiming that premiums have reduced in price. I have to admit, this is not what I am hearing in my constituency, especially for young drivers.

“It is time that government ministers opened their eyes to the reality of rural Ireland. There is no public transport for commuters and workers have to drive.

"A progressive government would take action to ensure this can happen, but with the costs involved now, it is not an option for a young person to take out insurance."

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