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End of partition is inevitable – Martin Kenny TD

7 January, 2019 - by Martin Kenny TD

Sinn Féin TD for Sligo-Leitrim Martin Kenny has said that the end of partition is inevitable in the coming years, and that the conversation on the future New Ireland needs to be inclusive and needs the participation of everyone whatever their political view.

Speaking in his oration at the graveside of Seán Sabhat in Limerick on Sunday 6 January 2019, Deputy Kenny said:

“Seán Sabhat is a legendary figure for Irish Republicans, as he and the volunteers of the Fifties’ Border Campaign made a stand, against great odds, to attack the partition of Ireland. 

“Seán Sabhat and young Fergal O’Hanlon died in that ill-fated attack on Brookeborough barracks on New Year’s Eve 62 years ago, because they recognised, as we do today, that partition has been a catastrophe for this nation. 

“While at that time the possibility of their actions ending partition was unlikely; today it is different, as it is clear that the end of partition is inevitable in the coming years. 

"The sacrifices of so many Nationalists and Republicans, through war and out the other side, coupled with the astute political actions of Republican leaders, has advanced the cause of Irish Unity to the end game, which has now arrived. 

"There is great responsibility on all of us to act positively to develop the conversation on the New Ireland, it has to be an inclusive dialog in which people of all political views participate.

“Irish politics for the next decade will be dominated by the constitutional change of the six counties shifting from union with Britain to unity with the rest of Ireland. 

"This unstoppable surge to a New Ireland will have a massive positive impact on this country and its people. Of course, the ever so democratic Dublin establishment, don’t want even to contemplate the discussion. 

"They say it is too soon to speak of unity; or that talk of unity, could frighten the Unionist community; all a cover for their own political cowardice or narrow self-interest. 

"Partition has failed. In every decade there has been conflict and tension, economic stagnation and emigration.

"Brexit has illuminated this and in that context, the discussion on the problem of solving the border issues, has left more and more people asking, why have a border at all and so the conversation is underway toward unity. 

“It is my experience, that people from all political backgrounds are up for the conversation on how to transform the two states on this island into one great nation. So the key message from today is that, the shape of the future is what we are about. 

“We must engage with everyone and encourage engagement by everyone on that future Ireland. 

"Seán Sabhat and so many since have played their part; now we must play our part and it is much less onerous. 

"We want a 32 county Ireland, a new Republic and our part now, is to convince all of the good sense this makes and positive possibilities that can deliver.”      

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