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‘Founding of the Orange State is nothing to celebrate' - Murphy

7 January, 2019 - by Conor Murphy

Council motions ‘celebrating’ the creation of the northern state are an attempt to rewrite the history of the brutality and repression created by partition, Sinn Féin MLA Conor Murphy has said.

The Sinn Féin Chief Negotiator was commenting after the DUP proposed a motion at Mid and East Antrim Borough Council seeking support for events marking the ‘100th birthday’ of the northern state.

Conor Murphy said: “This motion is an attempt to rewrite the history of the six county state. It is outrageous and typical of unionist-dominated councils where other perspectives and experiences are either ignored or treated with contempt.

“Ireland was torn apart under the threat of ‘total war’ from Britain. The democratically expressed will of the people of Ireland in the 1918 election was cast aside.

“An era of repression, gerrymandering, sectarianism, state violence, pogroms, domination and discrimination was ushered in.

“Nationalists were left in absolutely no doubt that they were neither wanted nor valued in the new state that we are now being asked to celebrate.

“We are still dealing with the legacy of that today. This is not historic. Half a century of unionist misrule institutionalised structural and regional inequalities that will take generations to reverse.

“The arrogance and misrule that characterised the post-partition Unionist government is alive and well in the ongoing denial of rights to some citizens and visible in motions like this brought before unionist dominated councils.

“Sinn Fein’s primary objective is the ending of partition. For Irish nationalists and republicans there is nothing to celebrate in the creation of the Orange state.”

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