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‘Transparency needed on DUP dark money’ – O’Dowd

7 January, 2019 - by John O'Dowd

The public have a right to know the source of the so-called Brexit ‘dark money’ payment funnelled through the DUP, Sinn Féin MLA John O’Dowd has said.

The Upper Bann MLA was speaking after MPs called for the man behind the secretive group that paid £435,000 to the DUP’s Brexit campaign to come clean on the source of the money.

John O’Dowd commented: “The chair of the so-called Constitutional Research Council is still refusing to divulge the origin of the vast sums that ended up in DUP party coffers and is now facing calls to appear before a Westminster Inquiry.

“Given that this money was then used to fund significant pro-Brexit spending aimed at influencing the referendum result, the public have a right to know where it originated from.

“There are strict laws regarding election spending and where political donations are sourced from. But by refusing to come clean on the source of this money, many people are rightly asking what do the CRC and DUP have to hide?

“This issue goes to the heart of the democratic process and the biggest constitutional issue facing this island since partition. The public deserve transparency, not more distraction and prevarication from the DUP.”

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