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Yet more political chaos from British political system - Hazzard

17 January, 2019 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard has said plans to call up British army reservists to deal with a no-deal Brexit shows the chaos in the British political system. The South Down MP said: “The call up of British army reservists to deal with the fall-out from a no-deal Brexit shows how chaotic the British government's Brexit policy has become. “The Tory ministers who ordered this said it was because of the impact on the welfare, health and security of the public as well as concerns about economic stability, which is tantamount to an admission that a no-deal Brexit would harm all of those.“No government can seriously claim that any policy that results in the need to deploy soldiers onto the streets is a good one. “Not only has there been chaos in the British Parliament but now it is clear the Tories are acknowledging the scale of the dysfunction with these plans. "It highlights the need for the EU and Irish government to stand firm on what has been agreed in order to protect Ireland from this Brexit chaos." 

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