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Working together for Irish unity

7 October, 2005

Sinn Féin MLA Mitchel McLaughlin has said that all parties who want a united Ireland must work together to gather the momentum to make it happen.

Speaking after attending the SDLP conference North South Makes Sense Mr McLaughlin said,

"I am pleased that political parties, community activists and business people across this island are seeing the benefits of the creation of all Ireland dimensions whether it is on the economy, energy provision or political structures.

"There are many avenues in which working on an all Ireland basis makes sense and even the most ardent Unionist has to agree that this is so

"This conference today has highlighted some of the areas where we can all find common ground for the benefit of all the people on this island.

"The participation of senior Irish officials and senior business people is welcome indeed but must however be matched by the political will of the Dublin Governments to create the momentum that will accelerate change towards reunification.

"If the momentum is to be increased then all interested parties must come together with a united voice in moving this agenda forward." ENDS

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