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Serious concern for residents in Riverwood Hall, Castleknock following eviction notices – Donnelly

23 January, 2019 - by Paul Donnelly

Sinn Féin Dublin City Cllr Paul Donnelly has expressed his shock at another potential mass eviction from apartments, similar to the situation in Tyrrelstown in 2016.

Cllr Donnelly said:

“I was contacted yesterday morning by a resident of Riverwood Hall apartments who had discovered that nine of his neighbours received tenancy termination Notice to Quit (NTQ) letters from their landlord who was acting on behalf of the new receivers.

“This new owner of these apartments is currently unknown and it is feared that they are breaking the spirit of the new ‘Tyrrelstown legislation’ that was brought in after I exposed an attempted mass eviction of over 150 tenants by a property developer in Tyrrelstown in 2016.

“The fear that this is another attempted mass eviction is because the apartments that have received the NTQ’s are numbers 1 to 10. We know that a number of similar apartments were sold several months ago by the same estate agent in the same development. There are dozens more apartments rented in the same complex.

“I have had contact from a number of other residents over the past 24 hours who are desperately fearful of what is going to happen to them now, they said they have been desperately trying to get new accommodation but without any success.

“I have written to the estate agent involved and have asked that these families be given as much time as is needed to be able to secure appropriate accommodation.

“I am also looking for assurance that this is not an attempt to circumvent the law by carrying out evictions in batches of ten or less.

“I am also looking to ascertain if the real owner of the properties is now NAMA following the appointment of the receiver; if so, then the Taoiseach must step in to stop these evictions.”  

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