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Tax relief revelations show need for complete taxation review

12 October, 2005

Commenting on the revelation of the full cost of the 'Seaside Holiday Home'
tax  relief,  Sinn  Féin  Dáil leader and Finance spokesperson Caoimhghin Ó
Caoláin said:

 “The revelation that €315 million was lost to the exchequer in tax revenue
during  the  period  of  the  ‘Pilot  Tax  Relief Scheme for Certain Resort
Areas’, introduced in 1996, clearly shows the need for a complete review of
the whole taxation system and speedy address of tax reliefs in particular.

“The  revelation also shows that it is not just Fianna Fáil and the PDs who
have   been   guilty   of   providing  very  generous  tax  breaks  without
understanding what if any are the benefits to be derived from them.  It was
the  last  Fine  Gael  /  Labour  Coalition that introduced this particular
lucrative  sweetner  for the development and speculator community when they
were last in power.

“For a number of years Sinn Féin has been calling for an equitable taxation
system  as  a  means  of  addressing  the  very  many  social  and economic
inequalities  that  exist  in  Irish  society  today.  It is clear that the
finances exist in the State to meet the needs of its people.  However it is
also  clear  that  the  political  will does not exist to tackle the vested
interests  who  have promoted a culture of greed and selfishness that is so
endemic among the well-heeled in Irish society today.

“I  find it extremely ironic that the very people who have been criticising
Sinn  Féin  for  not  having  a  coherent  economic policy or for promoting
policies  that  would  undermine  the  economy  are  the very same ones who
introduced  and  sustained  these  tax  reliefs  that  have  cost the Irish
taxpayer a fortune.  These are the same people who have squandered hundreds
of  millions  of taxpayers money on consultants and PR companies, while our
healthcare  system  struggles  chaotically from day to day and while still,
even today, one in seven children live in poverty and go to school hungry."

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