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Lynn Boylan MEP receives unanimous endorsement to contest the EU election for Dublin

11 February, 2019 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP Lynn Boylan has received a unanimous endorsement to contest the EU election in Dublin this evening. 

Speaking at tonight’s event the Dublin MEP thanked the party for her nomination and outlined the main focus of Sinn Féin’s 2019 campaign for Europe;

“In 2014, you all took a leap of faith in selecting an unknown Tallaght girl who had spent the last ten years in the wilds of Kerry. You put your trust in me and for that I am deeply grateful. 

“Being selected tonight gives me the confidence to know that I have not let you down. It gives me the confidence to continue to fight your corner.”  

MEP Boylan spoke of the huge victory Sinn Féin had in the last European election, and recalled the team spirit the candidates had as they approached it together;

“Our candidates local and European and our activists were united. We knocked on doors together. We showed that Sinn Féin is not about the individual, it is not about the ego. Sinn Féin is about representation.”

Ms Boylan paid tribute to her Sinn Fein colleagues in Europe and in Dublin,

“Over the last four and a half years our councilors have shaken the local authorities up and equally the four MEP’s have shaken Brussels up. We have broken the cosy consensus of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour. 

"Since being elected I have prioritised standing up for human rights, democracy and social justice said Ms Boylan as she recalled successful campaigns such as the Right2Water campaign in the aftermath of which she became the parliamentary voice for water movements across the EU. 

“I championed the Right2water. I exposed the dirty tricks campaign of the EU Commission. The secret briefings they gave to Irish journalists that contradicted the on the record statements.  

“I exposed the concentration of ownership of the Irish media and we now have academics and lawyers who call for the media landscape in Ireland to be reformed. 

“I have championed worker’s rights and gender equality. Called for greater supports fir victims of domestic violence. I am proud of what we have achieved in a short number of years but it is absolutely essential that we Sinn Féin return the maximum number of MEPs. 

Ms Boylan outlined the change coming in this European election noting the challenge of extreme right wing parties that will attempt to make gains’

“Only Sinn Féin can counter their politics of division and hate. Sinn Féin have a proud history of progressive nationalism. A nationalism rooted in self determination. Pride in our culture and identity does not equate to superiority. 

“It is the politics of the so called centre that has led to the growth of the far right. The politics of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour and their parties in the EU. The politics of privatization, of underfunding public services, of low wages and uncertainty.  Pitting one vulnerable group against the other when resources are scarce.

“Without progressive voices in the EU, the horror of what is happening in the Mediterranean will continue. Vulnerable refugees will be allowed to die and those lucky enough to survive will continue to be sent back to camps in other countries where they risk being trafficked into slavery and the sex trade”

Ms Boylan drew attention to Sinn Féin being be only force in Ireland against the growing militarisation of the EU and vowed the party will defend Ireland’s interests in Europe regarding the non-paying loans directive, Brexit, Climate Change, CAP negotiations, worker’s rights and water. 

“Without Sinn Féin MEPs in Brussels who will fight against the EU’s plans to not just replicate the Vulture fund model in Ireland but to enshrine it in EU Law. 

“I want to continue to be your voice in the EU, I am asking you to join me in getting my message out to those families who are struggling. The families who were promised a recovery by Leo but instead got insecurity of housing, of health, of wages. 

“Let’s ensure those who voted for us in 2014, do so again and try to convince those who didn’t, to trust us to deliver the type of future they want, the type of future they deserve.”

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