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'Break the care stigma' - Kelly

15 February, 2019 - by Catherine Kelly

'Celebrating Care Day is an important way of breaking down stigmas, Sinn Féin's children and young person’s spokesperson, Catherine Kelly MLA has said.

The West Tyrone MLA commented:  “On average 16 young people in the north enter care every week. We all have a responsibility to break the stigma around care and being in care and it is for that reason that I am encouraging everyone to celebrate and support Care Day 2019.

"Young people in care face unique challenges, and are recognised as one of the most vulnerable groups in society, particularly around health inequalities, poverty, and inequality of opportunity in education, training and employment.

"Despite these challenges, young people in care have time and time again overcome these obstacles, and Care Day is a day to recognise and celebrate their achievements.

"We must do more, however, to break down these obstacles and toensure that young people in care no longer suffer disproportionately.

"Sinn Féin truly believe that every child has the right to stability, to feel protected and safe, to feel loved, and to equality of opportunity and we will work to ensure that policy reflects this vision." 

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