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No-deal planning is only one element of Brexit - David Cullinane TD

26 February, 2019 - by David Cullinane TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson for Brexit David Cullinane TD has today called on the government to produce a Brexit plan that takes on board all scenarios, adding that no-deal planning is only one element of Brexit.
Deputy Cullinane said:
"The statement by Theresa May today in the House of Commons shows that all options regarding Brexit are still on the table. We need to be cognisant of that and planning for all those eventualities.
"While the government’s omnibus bill addresses in a mainly technical way a no-deal outcome, the reality is that we need to be planning for Brexit regardless of whether it is soft, hard, or no-deal exit.
"The Provisions Bill that the Dáil will discuss this week, while welcome, does not go far enough in terms of preparation.

"Its overarching objective is to ensure that Britain and the north are not treated as third countries in  areas such as health, welfare, and corporate taxation.
"It is clear that with Brexit there is an EU element, an Irish social and economic element, and of course a specific northern aspect with the protection of the Good Friday Agreement and no hardening of the border.
"The government’s response to Brexit needs to be debated and expanded upon.
"We know that the government had only asked Dublin Port on 15 November 2018 for its plans for a no-deal Brexit – four months from the actual deadline. 
"Meanwhile, Irish exporters have been pointed towards an online course run by the Department of Business, Enterprise, and Innovation – as if the problems raised by Brexit can be fixed through the click of a mouse. 
"Sinn Féin has pointed out time and again the need for strategic capital investment to tackle the effects of Brexit.
"This is why we called for a €2 Brexit Stabilisation Fund and supports for businesses.
"We need to have a wider discussion on the effects of Brexit than the no-deal scenario laid out in the government’s bill.
"Legalistic changes to definitions is not, and will not, be enough. We need to invest now."

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