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Minister’s assurances on border nuclear waste plans 'inadequate' – Adams

27 February, 2019 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin Louth TD Gerry Adams has warned that “Britain’s radioactive waste disposal policy poses a serious environmental threat to the people of the island of Ireland”.

Teachta Adams wrote to Minister Bruton following the publication of reports that the British government was examining the construction of a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) for the dumping of nuclear waste in the Mourne Mountains and at Slieve Gullion. The Minister has now responded.

Teachta Adams said:

“The Ministers response does not quash the genuine concerns nor provide the assurances needed by people living adjacent to the geological sites identified as by the Radioactive Waste Management where they believe there can be the ‘safe disposal of higher-activity radioactive waste’. In his reply to my correspondence, the Minister describes the report as a ‘screening report’. This he says ‘is part of a technical exercise to map the geological characteristics of locations across the UK and Northern Ireland’.

“However, the full title of the report on the British government website is ‘National Geological Screening for a GDF’ (Geological Disposal Facility). It adds that it purpose is to summarise the ‘geology of England, Wales and Northern Ireland that is relevant to the safe disposal of higher-activity radioactive waste’.

“Whatever the British claim about this being a technical exercise, it is clearly about identifying potential locations for Geological Disposal Facilities for nuclear waste.

“The enormous long term dangers presented by nuclear waste is clearly identified in the introduction to the report. It claims that people will be shielded from radiation because of the depth of the facility and depending on the type of rock will ‘either limit or completely prevent radioactivity from moving towards the surface when other barriers eventually degrade’. What does ‘limit’ mean? How much radioactive will reach the surface? How will it impact on water sources? 

“It is also claimed that geological disposal facilities deep underground will be protected from changes in sea level or future ice ages! How can the British government possibly know what climate or geological changes will occur over thousands of years? It is also important to note that in a report – The Global Crisis of Nuclear Waste – Greenpeace warned that the storing of waste material deep underground “has shown major flaws which exclude it for now as a credible option.

“While current British government policy is about finding a willing community to host a GDF, the fact is that after 40 years of trying, not one community in Britain has volunteered to allow a radioactive waste disposal facility to be constructed near them.

“The Irish government should not quietly accept British government assurances. It must be assertive in opposing the construction of a nuclear waste facility anywhere on the island of Ireland.”

The Louth TD was also critical of the Irish government’s policy in respect of the British nuclear plant at Hinkley Point C and the 100 year programme of decommissioning currently taking place at Sellafield.

“The Irish government should have an unequivocal policy of opposition to the construction of all nuclear power plants. While the Environmental Protection Agency may have no concerns at the current running of existing British plants, the reality is that nuclear power is a grave threat. At a time when there needs to be a greater emphasis on alternative forms of producing energy, the Irish government should be actively opposing the nuclear power industry.”

Note: British government report can be found:

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