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'Dail should support northern Euro seats' - Hazzard

28 February, 2019 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Fein MP Chris Hazzard has said there is no reason why the Irish government can’t allocate its additional European Parliament seats to the north. 

The South Down MP said: “The Dail will today vote in allocating it’s additional European Parliament seats and there is no reason why these seats should not be allocated to the north. 

“GUE/NGL commissioned an independent legal report which found there is no legal or constitutional obstacles to the allocation of these seats to the north and set out how it could be operated.

“Claims that it is not possible simply do not stack up. 

“We did not consent to Brexit and will remain EU citizens after being dragged out of the EU and should be able to continue to access EU rights, including the right to elect political representatives. 

“The Irish government could easily ensure we continue to enjoy that right but for political reasons it has chosen not to.

 “The SDLP should be calling on it’s new sister party, if it really is a serious relationship, to vote to ensure the democratic rights of people in the north are protected. Otherwise they are complicit in the denial of rights. 

“Our rights can be protected and if the Irish government intends to stand by its pledge not to leave citizens in the north behind again then it needs to act to protect our democratic rights.”   

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