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‘No Deal catastrophe spelt out in Civil Service data’ – O’Neill

5 March, 2019 - by Michelle O'Neill

The catastrophic impact of a ‘No-Deal’ Brexit on the north has been laid out in stark terms by the latest Civil Service briefing, Michelle O’Neill has said.

The Sinn Féin Deputy Leader was commenting after receiving the latest update from the Head of the Civil Service regarding the implications of a no-deal crash Brexit.

“The analysis from the Civil Service points out in very stark terms just how much of a catastrophe a no-deal crash will be for the North of Ireland,” Michelle O’Neill said.

“It predicts a sharp increase in unemployment with businesses closing or relocating. 

“There will be increased food and energy prices, increased challenges for the police and the loss of key protections and programmes such as the European Health and Insurance Card and the Erasmus scheme.

“Given our unique vulnerabilities, the collective assessment of the government departments here is that the impact of a no-deal Brexit in the North of Ireland will be ‘longer and much more severe’ than anywhere else.

“This analysis again underlines the recklessness of the DUP and the hard-right of the Tory Party who continue to pursue an agenda which is inexorably leading toward a no-deal Brexit.

“They should start listening to the business community, the farming community and the Civil Service who are all warning about the disastrous impact of a no-deal Brexit.

“I will be in Brussels this week and I will be again making it clear that the DUP do not speak for the majority in terms of Brexit. They are pursuing a reckless course of action that will cause severe damage to our economy and our peace and political process. The EU27, including the Irish Government, must stand firm and continue to oppose that.”

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