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EU failing on Climate Change – Boylan

7 March, 2019 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Sinn Féin MEP for Dublin Lynn Boylan hosted a conference today in the European Parliament with the plaintiffs and legal team from the People’s Climate Case.

Speaking from Brussels, Ms Boylan said:

“The People’s Climate Case is litigation against the EU institutions for the completely inadequate climate policies that are doing nothing to prevent the effects of climate change today. Today, we heard from some of the plaintiffs in this joint court case, giving us the details of how climate change is severely affecting their lives today and how the EU is failing to uphold their fundamental rights.

“It’s noteworthy that individuals are resorting to litigation activism in order to urge the EU to step up to the science and deliver ambitious climate policy in line with the Paris Agreement. Currently, EU leaders are still patting themselves on the back for their mild effort.

“The reality is that the climate policy of the EU is an absolute joke. Targets across the board are far below what is necessary to stop climate change hitting the point of no return. The EU still holds dear its carbon market as a climate solution – a system that has achieved no reduction in greenhouse gas emissions since its inception. On top of that, the EU is still planning to fund fossil fuel projects, like the Shannon LNG terminal. It’s absolutely not acceptable for the EU to be congratulating itself on its climate action when we are still on the path towards ecocide and self-destruction.

“Today, I offered my solidarity to the plaintiffs of this case, and spoke to them about the Irish litigation case which is still being deliberated. I stressed the need to make climate policy radically ambitious, rigorously implemented, and socially embedded. There is no change without social movements, and so we need to listen to the protesting youth who are calling for revolutionary action on climate.

“The EU has proven that it can act fast when it suits it; the banking crash saw a rapid reaction and treaty change because vested interests were at stake.  Here, we have ordinary people who are losing their livelihoods and their futures and the EU says we can’t reopen the legislation?

“The lack of urgency by the EU commission and the Member State Governments is breath taking. They have decided to put short term interests ahead of tackling the biggest issue we have faced in our lifetime.”  

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