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Dillon welcomes recommendations from Victims Commissioner

11 March, 2019 - by Linda Dillon

Sinn Féin MLA Linda Dillon has welcomed a new report from the Victims Commissioner which opposes any attempts to make British soldiers exempt from prosecution. 

Linda Dillon said: 

"I welcome this new report from the Victims Commissioner on dealing with the legacy of the conflict. 

"In particular I welcome the recommendation from Judith Thompson that there should not be a statute of limitations or attempts to make current or former British soldiers exempt for prosecutions. 

"No one can be above the law and any attempts by the British government to create an immunity from prosecutions for British soldiers must be opposed. 

"The call to provide pensions for all those seriously injured in the conflict is also welcome, together with the recommendation for funding for trauma services. 

"Instead of continuing to attempt to cover up its role in the conflict - including the role of British state forces, agents and their proxies in loyalist death squads in killing civilians - the British government should implement the legacy mechanisms agreed in the Stormont House Agreement.

"Those legacy mechanisms allow for all families from across our communities to access truth and justice."

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