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Fossil Fuel Industry Needs the Boot from the EU - Lynn Boylan MEP

21 March, 2019 - by Senator Lynn Boylan

Today, a public hearing took place in the European Parliament on  the role of petrochemical giant, ExxonMobil, in promoting climate denialism. ExxonMobil refused to show up at the hearing, and MEPs are deciding how to punish the multinational for its immoral lobbying. 

Speaking from Brussels, Lynn Boylan MEP said:

“The extent to which the fossil fuel industry influences our energy and climate change laws is beyond belief.

"The evidence provided today by the researchers and scientists at the hearing shows how fossil fuel giants are literally drafting our laws on climate and have, for decades, been confusing the climate science in order to protect their own industry.

"It goes to show that we need critical engagement with our current approach to climate action, which has failed to date, hardly surprising given the vested interests we are up against. 

“Big Oil is the new Big Tobacco. The fossil fuel industry’s tactics have been extremely effective across the world for decades, funding climate denialism and perpetuating climate inaction.

"Over the course of time, they have morphed their approach from flat out climate denialism into a more nuanced climate delaying approach, by accepting the climate science but funding ineffective policy solutions. 

“I addressed the hearing today to call for support in stripping Exxon and their allies of their access badges to the European Institutions.

"This should be done immediately as a first step in kicking the fossil fuel industry completely out of the decision making process.

"Much more needs to be done to guarantee that this poisonous industry is out of here for good.

“We know that the fossil fuel industry was behind the design of our current approach to climate change, putting millions of dollars into endorsing flawed market solutions such as carbon pricing and carbon markets.

"It is also clear why gas is vigorously promoted by the EU and the Irish government as the new transition fuel - a proposal by the fossil fuel industry itself.

"The power and influence of the fossil fuel industry is why we are pursuing failed policy solutions for climate and avoiding the hard action, such as setting 2030 as a phase out for fossil fuels.”

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