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Sinn Féin challenge political unionism on sectarian hate video

27 March, 2019 - by Sinéad Ennis

Sinn Féin MLA Sinéad Ennis has called on political unionism to speak out against sectarian hate after footage emerged of soccer fans chanting ‘We hate Catholics’ in a South Belfast bar on Sunday night.

The party's Culture, Arts and Sport spokesperson said: “Any right thinking person will be appalled at this blatant display of sectarian hate which has been circulating online and in the media all week.

“And while I welcome the fact that the IFA has condemned this disgraceful incident, the silence from unionist political figures would suggest they are once again being very selective in what they find outrageous or offensive.

“All hate is wrong. All sectarianism and bigotry of any kind is wrong, It needs to be called out and condemned wherever and whenever it manifests itself.

“I am calling on the political leadership of unionism to end the silence and do precisely that. Call it out for what it is and demand an end to it.”

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