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Ó Snodaigh - republicans must continue to lead anti-war movement

28 March, 2003

already on their knees from economic sanctions that have caused more deaths than ALL weapons of mass destruction ever used. No clear and present danger has been proven. The weapons inspections were disrupted, and now we may never know the truth.

We in Sinn Féin must make our position on this issue clear and unambiguous. We must bring our specifically republican approach to the issue, and play our full part to stop Iraqi mass graves, the proliferation of bodybags, and a highly unstable future for the Middle East region and for the United Nations.

There are those in the establishment and in the press who have tried to tell us we have no right to take this position against this war. But I say that our opposition to this war is a totally logical extension of our politics -- particularly our anti-imperialism, but also the demilitarisation agenda.

Some party activists and supporters, in relying on mainstream press reports, aen full participants in the anti-war coalition in this state from the beginning. But as Irish citizens, and as global citizens, we can always do more. I urge you not only to support this motion, but to go back to your local areas and show leadership in your own communities on this issue.

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