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British government attempting to overturn Good Friday Agreement - Anderson

1 April, 2019 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has said the British government is attempting to overturn the Good Friday Agreement by redefining the definition of citizenship. 

Martina Anderson: 

"Under the Good Friday Agreement, people born in the north are entitled to Irish citizenship. That means the even after Brexit they will continue to be EU citizens. 

"The British government has changed the definition of a European Economic Area Citizen to exclude all those who are not British citizens and has said that it regards people from the north of Ireland, including Irish citizens, as being British citizens.

"This is a contradiction of the Good Friday Agreement and is yet another move by the British government to ride roughshod over it. 

"It also flies in the face of British government pledges to protect the Good Friday Agreement and the citizenship rights it contains. 

"The Good Friday Agreement is an international agreement and the Irish government, as a co-guarantor of that agreement now needs to act to ensure it is protected. The Irish government also pledged to protect our rights and now needs to live up to that pledge. 

"We also need to see the EU reacting to this and defending the Good Friday Agreement and the rights of Irish, and by extension, EU citizens."

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